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Cato, On Farming 3.1

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prima adulescentia patrem familiae agrum conserere studere oportet. aedificare diu cogitare oportet, conserere cogitare non oportet, sed facere oportet. ubi aetas accessit ad annos XXXVI, tum aedificare oportet, si agrum consitum habeas. ita aedifices ne villa fundum quaerat nec fundus villam.

In his first youth the proprietor ought to apply himself to sowing the land. He ought to think for a long time about building; he ought not to think about planting, but he ought to get it done. When you reach the age of 36, that is the time when you ought to build, if you have your land planted. You should build in such a way that the house does not lack the estate, nor the estate lack the house.

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