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Tryphiodorus, The Sack of Troy 391-397

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In Tryphiodorus’ only extant work, Cassandra, condemned always to be disbelieved, prophesies what will happen to Troy.

καὶ δὴ πορφύρεον μὲν ἑλίσσεται ἔνδοθι πύρφων
αἵματος ἐκχυμένου πέλαγος καὶ κῦμα φόνοιο,
δεσμά τε συμπαθέων πλέκεται περὶ χερσὶ γυναικῶν
νυμφία, φωλεύει δ’ ὑπὸ δούρασι κευθόμενον πῦρ.
ὤμοι ἐμῶν ἀχέων, ὤμοι σέο, πάτριον ἄστυ,
αὐτίκα λεπταλέη κόνις ἔσσεαι, οἴχεται ἔργον
ἀθανάτων, προθέλυμνα θεμείλια Λαομέδοντος.

And a purple sea of outpoured blood streams along within the towers, and a wave of slaughter. The bonds of marriage are tied around the hands of women in their common suffering, and beneath the planks hidden fire lurks. Alas for my pains! Alas for you, my father’s city! Soon shall you be fine ashes! Gone is the work of the immortals, uprooted are Laomedon’s foundations!

Laomedon had made Poseidon and Apollo build the walls of Troy.

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