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Sallust, Catiline’s War 15.1-2

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Watch out for young Lotharios; they’ll probably end up trying to overthrow the Republic…

iam primum adulescens Catilina multa nefanda stupra fecerat, cum virgine nobili, cum sacerdote Vestae, alia huiusce modi contra ius fasque. postremo captus amore Aureliae Orestillae, cuius praeter formam nihil umquam bonus laudavit, quod ea nubere illi dubitabat timens privignum adulta aetate, pro certo creditur necato filio vacuam domum scelestis nuptiis fecisse.

Already when he was a youth Catiline had committed many unspeakable debaucheries – with a noble maiden, with a priestess of Vesta, and other affairs of this sort, contrary to the law and the dictates of the gods. Finally he was seized by love for Aurelia Orestilla, whom no good man ever praised for anything but her beauty. Because she hesitated to marry him, being afraid of his stepson (who had reached adulthood), it is believed for certain that he made the house empty for his wicked marriage by killing this son. 

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