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Persius, Satires 5.41-46

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Persius feels gratitude and nostalgia for Cornutus’ teaching.

tecum etenim longos memini consumere soles
et tecum primas epulis decerpere noctes.
unum opus et requiem pariter disponimus ambo
atque verecunda laxamus seria mensa.
non equidem hoc dubites, amborum foedere certo
consentire dies et ab uno sidere duci.

With you I remember I ate up long days, and with you I plucked the early part of nights away from feasting. We both arranged our single work and rest in the same way and relaxed our serious business with modest dining. You should have no doubt that the days of us two are in accord, in a sure bond, and are guided by a single constellation.

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December 24, 2013 at 12:00 PM

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