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Sallust, Catiline’s War 8

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Atheniensium res gestae, sicuti ego aestumo, satis amplae magnificaeque fuere, verum aliquanto minores tamen quam fama feruntur. sed quia provenere ibi scriptorum magna ingenia, per terrarum orbem Atheniensium facta pro maxumis celebrantur. ita eorum, qui fecere, virtus tanta habetur, quantum eam verbis potuere extollere praeclara ingenia.

The achievements of the Athenians, as far as I can judge, were ample and distinguished enough, although they were in fact somewhat less than they are said to be by reputation. But because the great talents of the writers were produced in Athens, the Athenians’ deeds are celebrated throughout the world as the greatest. Thus the courage of those who have performed deeds is considered to have reached the heights to which illustrious talents have been able to elevate it in words.

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