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Aulus Gellius, Attic Nights 7.3

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Tubero in historiis scriptum reliquit bello primo Poenico Atilium Regulum consulem in Africa castris apud Bagradam flumen positis proelium grande atque acre fecisse adversus unum serpentem in illis locis stabulantem invisitatae inmanitatis eumque magna totius exercitus conflictione balistis atque catapultis diu oppugnatum, eiusque interfecti corium longum pedes centum et viginti Romam misisse.

Tubero has left a record in his Histories that when, during the first Punic War, the consul Atilius Regulus was encamped at the river Bagradas in Africa, he fought a great and fierce battle against a single serpent which had its lair in those parts, and which was of exceptional size. It was attacked for a long time, with ballistas and catapults, in a big conflict involving the entire army; when it had been killed, its skin (which was one hundred and twenty feet in length) was sent to Rome.

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