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Homer, Iliad 18.94-96

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Thetis foretells her son Achilles’ death.

τὸν δ’ αὖτε προσέειπε Θέτις κατὰ δάκρυ χέουσα·
‘ὠκύμορος δή μοι τέκος ἔσσεαι, οἷ’ ἀγορεύεις·
αὐτίκα γάρ τοι ἔπειτα μεθ’ Ἕκτορα πότμος ἑτοῖμος.’

And, letting down a tear, Thetis addressed him in reply: ‘Swift-fated will you be, my son, given what you are saying; for straightway then after Hector is your fate ready.’

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