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Cicero, Letters to Atticus 7.9.1-2

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‘cottidiene,’ inquis, ‘a te accipiendae litterae sunt?’ si habebo cui dem, cottidie. ‘at iam ipse ades.’ tum igitur cum venero desinam. unas video mihi a te non esse redditas quas L. Quinctius, familiaris meus, cum ferret ad bustum Basili vulneratus et despoliatus est. videbis igitur num quid fuerit in iis quod me scire opus est.

You are asking, ‘Am I to receive a letter from you every day?’ As long as I have someone to give it to, then yes, every day. ‘But you are already here in person.’ When I do actually arrive I shall stop writing. I see that one letter from you to me has not been delivered: it was being carried by Lucius Quinctius, a friend of mine, when he was robbed and wounded at the tomb of Basilus. So do see whether there was anything in it that I need to know.

Cicero is writing from Formiae, down the road from Rome on the Appian Way, on December 27th, 50 BC, at the end of a long journey back from his province in Cilicia.

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