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Apuleius, Apology 24.1-3

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de patria mea vero, quod eam sitam Numidiae et Gaetuliae in ipso confinio mei<s> scriptis ostendi scis, quibus memet professus sum, cum Lolliano Avito c.v. praesente publice dissererem, Seminumidam et Semigaetulum. non video quid mihi sit in ea re pudendum, haud minus quam Cyro maiori, quod genere mixto fuit Semimedus ac Semipersa. non enim ubi prognatus, sed ut moratus quisque sit spectandum, nec qua regione, sed qua ratione vitam vivere inierit, considerandum est.

On the subject of my fatherland: you know that I indicate in my writings that it lies on the very border of Numidia and Gaetulia, and by those writings I have testified, when I delivered my speech in public, in the presence of the most distinguished man Lollianus Avitus, that I am half-Numidian and half-Gaetulian. I don’t see why this fact should cause me to be ashamed, any more than Cyrus the Great should have been ashamed that he was of mixed race, being half-Mede and half-Persian. For what should be examined is not where any person was born, but what their character is like; and what should be taken into account is not in what region, but in what fashion, they have begun to live.

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