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Quintilian, Training of the Orator 11.3.126

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So, should you stand still or wander about when making a speech?

iam et ambulatio quaedam propter inmodicas laudationum moras, quamquam Cicero rarum incessum neque ita longum probat. discursare vero et (quod Domitius Afer de Sura Manlio dixit) ‘satagere’ ineptissimum: urbaneque Flavus Verginius interrogavit de quodam suo antisophiste quot milia passum declamasset.

Sometimes a certain amount of walking is convenient, because of the excessive delays caused by applause – although Cicero recommends walking about only occasionally, and not very far. But actually running up and down and ‘bustling about’ (the term which Domitius Afer used of Manlius Sura), is very absurd; and Verginius Flavus was witty when he asked his rival speaker how many miles he had declaimed.

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August 3, 2013 at 12:00 PM

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