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Lucian, Phalaris 1.9

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More from Lucian’s imagined speech of Phalaris, with some masterful spin on having an extensive spy network.

ὅταν δὲ βουληθῆτε τοὐμὸν εἰδέναι, τοὺς εἰσφοιτῶντας εἰς Ἀκράγαντα ξένους ἐρωτήσατε ὁποῖος ἐγὼ περὶ αὐτούς εἰμι καὶ εἰ φιλανθρώπως προσφέρομαι τοῖς καταίρουσιν, ὅς γε καὶ σκοποὺς ἐπὶ τῶν λιμένων ἔχω καὶ πευθῆνας, τίνες ὅθεν καταπεπλεύκασιν, ὡς κατ’ ἀξίαν τιμῶν ἀποπέμποιμι αὐτούς.

And when you want to know my view, ask the foreigners who visit Acragas how I act towards them, and whether I am friendly in approaching people who put in at harbour; I even have lookouts at the harbours, as well as questioners to ask who they are and where they have sailed from, so that I can send them away with the right proportion of honours.

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