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Suetonius, Caligula 34.2

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cogitavit etiam de Homeri carminibus abolendis, cur enim sibi non licere, dicens, quod Platoni licuisset, qui eum e civitate quam constituebat eiecerit? sed et Vergili ac Titi Livi scripta et imagines paulum afuit quin ex omnibus bibliothecis amoveret, quorum alterum ut nullius ingenii minimaeque doctrinae, alterum ut verbosum in historia neglegentemque carpebat.

He even thought about destroying Homer’s poems, asking why he shouldn’t be allowed what had been permitted for Plato, who threw Homer out of his ‘republic’. Moreover, he was very close to removing the writings and busts of Virgil and Titus Livy from all the libraries; he reviled the former as having no talent and very little learning, and the latter as verbose and careless in history.

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