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[Homer], Margites fr.2

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The comic epic Margites was often attributed to Homer, probably wrongly (although, to be fair, attributing anything to a single person called ‘Homer’ probably doesn’t make much sense anyway…). As we learn here, the poem’s hero was the very opposite of the cunning Odysseus ‘of many wiles’:

τὸν δ’ οὔτ’ ἂρ σκαπτῆρα θεοὶ θέσαν οὔτ’ ἀροτῆρα,
οὔτ’ ἄλλως τι σοφόν· πάσης δ’ ἠμάρτανε τέχνης.

The gods did not make him a digger or a ploughman, or wise at all in anything else: he failed at every skill.

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January 19, 2013 at 12:00 PM

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