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Tacitus, Annals 15.22

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Bad omens in the later part of Nero’s reign.

isdem consulibus gymnasium ictu fulminibus conflagravit, effigies in eo Neronis ad informe aes liquefacta. et motu terrae celebre Campaniae oppidum Pompei magna ex parte proruit; defunctaque virgo Vestalis Laelia, in cuius locum Cornelia ex familia Cossorum capta est.

While the same consuls were in office [i.e. AD 62], a gymnasium was struck by lightning and burned down, and a statue of Nero which was in it melted into a shapeless lump of bronze. And Pompeii, a populous town in Campania, largely collapsed in an earthquake. And Laelia, a Vestal Virgin, died; in her place Cornelia, from the family of the Cossi, was chosen.

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