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Claudianus, AP 1.20

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One of five poems in the Greek Anthology by the Christian epigrammatist Claudianus, who is presumably not the same author as the Latin poet Claudian.

ἀρτιφανές, πολοοῦχε, παλαιγενές, υἱὲ νεογνὲ,
αἰὲν ἐὼν προεών τε, ὑπέρτατε, ὕστατε, Χριστὲ,
ἀθανάτοιο πατρός τε ὁμόχρονε, πάμπαν ὁμοῖε.

Lately revealed, holder of the heavens, born long ago, new-born son, ever existing and pre-existing, highest and last, Christ, the same in time with your immortal father, in all ways like him.

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December 24, 2012 at 12:00 PM

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