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Cicero, On the responses of the haruspices 19

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etenim quis est tam vaecors qui aut, cum suspexit in caelum, deos esse non sentiat, et ea quae tanta mente fiunt ut vix quisquam arte ulla ordinem rerum ac necessitudinem persequi possit casu fieri putet, aut, cum deos esse intellexerit, non intellegat eorum numine hoc tantum imperium esse natum et auctum et retentum?

Who is there who is so senseless that, on looking up to the sky, he does not sense that there are gods, and think that those things happen by chance which are done with such a mind that scarcely anyone, by any kind of skill, can explain their order and interconnections? Or, when he has understood that gods exist, does not understand that this great empire has been born, increased, and maintained through their divine power?

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November 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM

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