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Pliny the Elder, Natural History 36.12

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Hipponax again.

Hipponacti notabilis foeditas voltus erat, quam ob rem imaginem eius lascivia iocosam hi proposuere ridentium circulis; quod Hipponax indignatus destrinxit amaritudinem carminum in tantum, ut credatur aliquis ad laqueum eos conpulisse.

The ugliness of Hipponax’s face was notable. Because of this, these men [two artists from Chios, called Bupalus and Athenis], in a playful spirit, set up an amusing statue of him for the assembled company to laugh at. Hipponax was indignant at this and poured out all the vitriol of his poems upon them, to such an extent that some people believe he drove them to hang themselves.

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October 7, 2012 at 12:00 PM

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