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Epicurus, Vatican Sayings 17

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οὐ νέος μακαριστὸς ἀλλὰ γέρων βεβιωκὼς καλῶς· ὁ γὰρ νέος ἀκμῇ πολὺς ὑπὸ τῆς τύχης ἑτεροφρονῶν πλάζεται· ὁ δὲ γέρων καθάπερ ἐν λιμένι τῷ γήρᾳ καθώρμικεν, τὰ πρότερον δυσελπιστούμενα τῶν ἀγαθῶν ἀσφαλεῖ κατακλείσας χάριτι.

It is not the young man who is most blessed, but the old man who has lived well. For the young man, though very much at his peak, stumbles about in many minds because of misfortune, whereas the old man has moored, as it were, in the haven of old age, and has secured with unfailing gratitude those goods for which he had held scarcely a hope before.

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