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Juvenal, Satires 3.208-211

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The perils of life in Rome: the block of flats where the pauper Cordus lived has just been burned down.

nil habuit Cordus, quis enim negat? et tamen illud
perdidit infelix totum nihil. ultimus autem
aerumnae cumulus, quod nudum et frusta rogantem
nemo cibo, nemo hospitio tectoque iuvabit.

Cordus had nothing – who denies it? But the poor chap has still lost all that nothing. Yet the final straw of his hardship is that no one will help him out with food, naked though he is and begging in vain, and no one will help him out with hospitality and a roof over his head.

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April 8, 2012 at 12:00 PM

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