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Oppian, On Hunting with Hounds 1.81-85

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The first important quality of a huntsman: not to be overweight.

πρῶτα μὲν αἰζηοὶ μή μοι μάλα πίονες ἔστων·
ἦ γάρ τοι σκοπέλοισι θορεῖν μὲν ὑπείροχον ἵππον
χρειὼ ἀναγκαίη, χρειὼ δ’ ἄρα τάφρον ἁλέσθαι.
δηθάκι δ’ ἐν δρυμοῖσιν ἀνάγκη θῆρα δίεσθαι,
ποσσὶν ἐλαφρίζοντα καὶ εὐφόρτοις μελέεσσι.

First let me have men who are vigorous but not too fat. For a huntsman must mount a mighty horse among rocks and leap over a ditch. And often he must chase beasts amid thickets, being nimble with his feet and his well-balanced limbs.


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