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Homer, Iliad 11.32-37

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Agamemnon picks up his shield.

ἂν δ’ ἕλετ’ ἀμφιβρότην πολυδαίδαλον ἀσπίδα θοῦριν
καλήν, ἣν πέρι μὲν κύκλοι δέκα χάλκεοι ἦσαν,
ἐν δέ οἱ ὀμφαλοὶ ἦσαν ἐείκοσι κασσιτέροιο
λευκοί, ἐν δὲ μέσοισιν ἔην μέλανος κυάνοιο.
τῇ δ’ ἐπὶ μὲν Γοργὼ βλοσυρῶπις ἐστεφάνωτο
δεινὸν δερκομένη, περὶ δὲ Δεῖμός τε Φόβος τε.

And he took up the man-surrounding elaborately-wrought impetuous shield, a thing of beauty: round it were ten circles of bronze, and upon it were twenty pale bosses of tin, and, in the centre, was one of dark blue. And upon it, wreath-like, was the grim-faced Gorgon with her horrific gaze, and around it were Fear and Terror.

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