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Homer, Iliad 18.18-21

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Antilochus reports the death of Patroclus to Achilles.

ὤ μοι Πηλέος υἱὲ δαΐφρονος ἦ μάλα λυγρῆς
πεύσεαι ἀγγελίης, ἣ μὴ ὤφελλε γενέσθαι.
κεῖται Πάτροκλος, νέκυος δὲ δὴ ἀμφιμάχονται
γυμνοῦ· ἀτὰρ τά γε τεύχε’ ἔχει κορυθαίολος Ἕκτωρ.

Ah, son of warlike Peleus, you are to learn of news that is truly woeful, which I wish had never been: Patroclus lies dead, and they are fighting around his naked body. But as for his armour, flashing-helmeted Hector holds it.

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