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Ausonius, 14.3

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de obitu singulorum monosticha.

Iulius interiit Caesar grassante senatu.
addidit Augustum divis matura senectus.
sera senex Capreis exul Nero fata peregit.
expetiit poenas de Caesare Chaerea mollis.
Claudius ambiguo conclusit fata veneno.
matricida Nero proprii vim pertulit ensis.
Galba senex periit saevo prostratus Othone.
mox Otho famosus, clara sed morte potitus.
prodiga succedunt perimendi sceptra Vitelli.
laudatum imperium, mors lenis Vespasiano.
at Titus, orbis amor, rapitur florentibus annis.
sera gravem perimunt, sed iusta piacula fratrem.

Single Lines on the Death of Each Emperor.

Julius Caesar died when the Senate attacked him. A ripe old age added Augustus to the gods. Old Nero [=Tiberius] met his end, all too late, as an exile on Capri. Effeminate Chaerea took its vengeance on Caesar [=Gaius/Caligula]. Claudius ended his life through doubtful poisoning. Nero the matricide submitted to the power of his own sword. Old Galba perished after being overthrown by savage Otho. Notorious Otho soon died, but he had an illustrious death. Next came the wasteful reign of Vitellius, who was destined to be slain. Vespasian’s rule was praised, his death a gentle one. But Titus, the beloved of the world, was snatched away in the prime of his life. Atonement, which came late but justly, destroyed his grievous brother [=Domitian].

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