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Lucan, Civil War 7.825-830

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After the battle of Pharsalus, animals come to pick over the bodies. This is just the beginning of this section, which continues in the same vein for 20 lines.

non solum Haemonii funesta ad pabula belli
Bistonii venere lupi, tabemque cruentae
caedis odorati Pholoen liquere leones.
tunc ursae latebras, obscaeni tecta domosque
deseruere canes et quidquid nare sagaci
aëra non sanum motumque cadavere sentit.

It was not only the wolves of Bistonia that came to the mournful fodder of the Haemonian war, and the lions left Pholoe when they smelled the putrefaction of the bloody slaughter. Then did the bears leave their lairs, the impure dogs left houses and homes, and every animal which with its acute nostrils perceives air that is unwholesome and corpse-disturbed.

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