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Suetonius, The Deified Julius 85

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Here’s the sad end of Cinna the poet at the hands of a mob, famous from Act III Scene iii of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

plebs statim a funere ad domum Bruti et Cassi cum facibus tetendit atque aegre repulsa obvium sibi Helvium Cinnam per errorem nominis, quasi Cornelius is esset, quem graviter pridie contionatum de Caesare requirebat, occidit caputque eius praefixum hastae circumtulit.

The common people proceeded with torches straight from the funeral to the house of Brutus and Cassius. After being driven away with difficulty they met Helvius Cinna and, because of a mistake over his name, they killed him – they thought that he was the Cornelius whom they were looking for because of the disagreeable speech about Caesar which he had made the previous day – and they carried his head around impaled on the end of a spear.

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