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Aelian, Varia Historia 14.18

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Probably no such inconvenience at next year’s London Olympics, I’ll wager…

ἀνὴρ Χῖος ὀργιζόμενος τῷ οἰκέτῃ “ἐγώ σε” ἔφη “οὐκ εἰς μύλην ἐμβαλῶ, ἀλλ’ εἰς Ὀλυμπίαν ἄξω.” πολλῷ γὰρ ᾤετο πικροτέραν, ὡς τὸ εἰκός, εἶναι τιμωρίαν ἐκεῖνος ἐν Ὀλυμπίᾳ θεώμενον ὑπὸ τῆς ἀκτῖνος ὀπτᾶσθαι ἢ ἀλεῖν μύλῃ παραδοθέντα.

A man from Chios got angry with his house-slave and said, ‘I shan’t put you on the treadmill, but I will take you to Olympia.’ For the master thought it a much harsher punishment, as it seems, that he should watch at Olympia, and be baked under the sun, than that he should be sent to grind corn on the treadmill.

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