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[Aristotle], Peplos 10

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The Peplos attributed to Aristotle is a cycle of epigrams in the form of epitaphs on various Homeric heroes. Here is one of several commemorating Nestor.

Νέστορα τὸν Πυλίων ἡγήτορα ἥδε θανόντα
   γῆ κατέχει, βουλῇ φέρτατον ἡμιθέων.

Nestor, the leader of the men of Pylos, this land holds in death, he who was the best in counsel of the demigods.

‘Demigods’ appears as a generic description of the Homeric heroes only once in Homer, at Iliad 12.23; but in any case Nestor was indeed descended from Poseidon, who was his paternal grandfather.

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