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οὐ σοφίης ἀπάνευθεν Ἀδὰμ τὸ πρὶν ἐκαλεῖτο,
τέσσαρα γράμματ’ ἔχων εἰς τέσσαρα κλίματα κόσμου.
ἄλφα γὰρ ἀντολίης ἔλαχεν· δύσεως δὲ τὸ δέλτα,
ἄλφα πάλιν δ’ ἄρκτοιο, μεσημβρίης δὲ τὸ λοιπόν.

Not without wisdom was Adam first named, with his four letters corresponding to the world’s four quarters. For the A came from Anatolia [the East], the D from Dusis [the West], the second A from Arctos [the North], and the final letter from Mesembria [the South].

Dübner’s commentary rather pedantically points out that Adam has only three letters in the original Hebrew…

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