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Symphosius, Riddles 39

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Last time’s answer was a sponge (spongia). Here’s just one more for now. It might be a bit harder, perhaps?

quattuor insignis pedibus manibusque duabus
dissimilis mihi sum, quia sum non unus et unus.
et vehor et gradior, quia me mea corpora portant.

Distinguished by four feet and two hands, I am different from myself, because I am one and not one. I both ride and walk, since my bodies carry me.

The word after the comma in the last line appears variously in the manuscripts, so take your pick from:
que (= quae)

[3/4/11: Edit: I omitted to give you the answer to this one. It’s a centaur!]

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February 22, 2011 at 12:00 PM

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