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Cicero, On Duties 3.108

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Here’s the translation of the Euripides excerpt from a few posts back.

non enim falsum iurare periurare est, sed quod ex animi tui sententia iuraris, sicut verbis concipitur more nostro, id non facere periurium est. scite enim Euripides: “iuravi lingua, mentem iniuratam gero”.

For swearing to something false is not perjury, but if you swear ‘from the inclination of your mind’ – as it is verbally expressed in our law – but then do not perform your oath, that is perjury. Remember Euripides writes, ‘I have sworn with my tongue, but I bear an unsworn mind.’

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February 4, 2011 at 12:00 PM

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