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Varro, Menippean Satires, fragment 114

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From the satire Est Modus Matulae ‘There’s due measure for the pot!’ (or, peri methes ‘On Drunkenness’) – the title is evidently a proverb meaning something like ‘You should drink in moderation’. These lines seem to be spoken by someone who enjoys their drink…

vino nihil iucundius quisquam bibit!
hoc aegritudinem ad medendam invenerunt,
hoc hilaritatis dulce seminarium,
hoc continet coagulum convivia.

No one’s ever drunk anything more delightful than wine! They’ve found it’s a remedy for illness; it’s the sweet nursery-garden of joy; it’s the bond that holds dinner parties together!

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November 28, 2010 at 12:00 PM

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