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Cicero, Letters to his friends 14.20

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This is the last letter we have from Cicero to his wife Terentia. He was to divorce her the following year, and you don’t need to read far between the lines of this little note to detect that their relations were at this time rather strained…

Tullius s.d. Terentiae suae.

in Tusculanum nos venturos putamus aut Nonis aut postridie. ibi ut sint omnia parata. plures enim fortasse nobiscum erunt et, ut arbitror, diutius ibi commorabimur. labrum si in balineo non est, ut sit; item cetera quae sunt ad victum et ad valetudinem necessaria.


Kal. Oct. de Venusino.

Tullius greets his Terentia.

We think we’ll be coming to the Tusculan house either on the 7th or the day after. Let everything be ready there. For there will perhaps be more people with us, and, I think, we shall stay there for quite a while. If there’s not a tub in the bathroom, make sure there is. Likewise everything else required for food and good health.


October 1st, from the region of Venusia.

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