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Pindar, Paean 1

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In the course of classical web browsing I came across this interesting post on a fragment of Pindar. Here’s the text and Nicholas’ translation, which I’ve taken the liberty of borrowing as I don’t think I can improve upon it.

πρὶν ὀδυνηρὰ γήραος σχεδὸν μολεῖν,
πρίν τις εὐθυμίᾳ σκιαζέτω
νόημ’ ἄκοτον ἐπὶ μέτρα, ἰδών
δύναμιν οἰκόθετον

Just before reaching the pains of old age,
let a man gladly shelter
a peaceful mind for the sake of moderation, having seen
power stored in his home.

The rest of Nestor’s Cup is well worth exploring as well.

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September 7, 2010 at 12:00 PM

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