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Aeschylus, Persians 65-73

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The chorus of Persian elders report on the progress of Xerxes’ invasion of Greece.

πεπέρακεν μὲν ὁ περσέπτολις ἤδη
βασίλειος στρατὸς εἰς ἀντίπορον γείτονα χώραν,
λινοδέσμῳ σχεδίᾳ πορθμὸν ἀμείψας
Ἀθαμαντίδος Ἕλλας,
πολύγομφον ὄδισμα ζυγὸν ἀμφιβαλὼν αὐχένι πόντου.

The king’s city-sacking army has already passed across to the neighbouring country on the opposite coast, crossing the strait of Athamas’ daughter Helle on a bridge of boats tied with cords of flax, putting, as a yoke on the neck of the sea, a roadway riveted with many bolts.

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