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Euphorion, Dionysus fr. 15

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Hello again. I’m back! I’ve just bought Jane Lightfoot’s Hellenistic Collection Loeb, so here is a little fragment of Euphorion to celebrate! It was reconstituted by Meineke (here with Livrea’s supplement) from three separate fragments of his poem Dionysus.

Ὕῃ ταυροκέρωτι Διωνύσῳ κοτέσσασα
<Φηρσὶν> Ῥείωνη βλαψίφρονα φάρμακα χεῦεν
ὅσσ’ ἐδάη Πολύδαμνα, Κυτηϊὰς ἢ ὅσα Μήδη.

In her anger at Hyes, the bull-horned Dionysus, Rheione poured <on the Pheres> drugs which harm one’s wits, all those drugs in which Polydamna or Cytaean Mede were learned.

Rheione, we learn from the Etymologicum Genuinum, was a name for Hera.

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