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Seneca, Mad Hercules 1-5

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Juno speaks the prologue to the play. She is not happy with her brother/husband Jupiter’s dalliances with other women and has left him. Her opening words mean that she has ceased to be called Jupiter’s wife, only his sister.

soror Tonantis (hoc enim solum mihi
nomen relictum est) semper alienum Iovem
ac templa summi vidua deserui aetheris,
locumque, caelo pulsa, paelicibus dedi.
tellus colenda est: paelices caelum tenent.

I am the Thunderer’s sister (for this is the only name left to me); I have left Jupiter, as he is always with another woman, and I have left the temples of the highest heaven as a widow. Driven from the sky, I have given my place to his mistresses. I must live on earth: his mistresses are occupying the sky.

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August 11, 2010 at 12:00 PM

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